A compassionate, personalized journey to wellness through mindful movement and breath.

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 Gentle Healing Mat Yoga

Online Classes with Shanna

My Gentle Healing Mat Yoga class is perfect for people of all flexibility levels. We modify poses to avoid strain, making it great for those with movement limitations or chronic conditions like back pain or arthritis, as well as anyone wanting stress relief.

This yoga style suits a wide range of people, including those over 40 who are fit but less flexible. It's gentle, catering to beginners, seniors, and those managing weight or stress.

Gentle Healing Mat Yoga complements wellness programs, aiding conditions like heart disease and fibromyalgia. We focus on modified hatha yoga poses, emphasizing controlled movements and breath work for a nurturing practice.

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"Shanna Hughes’ yoga class has helped me recover from two major surgeries. The back strengthening poses have been just what I’ve needed to gain stability and maintain normalcy in my life. Added to that, the poses for hip opening have been very useful and have seen me through painful stiffness to new pain-free flexibility. Another plus is the general relaxation one feels after one of her classes. Shanna understands the needs of her 'students,' most of us well up in our years. She is kind, thoughtful, understanding, knowledgeable, and a simply great teacher!”

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