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Free Weekly Meditation with Shanna Hughes

Starts August 7 / Every Wednesday at 6:00pm PT

Join my Wednesday evening meditation starting August 7, 2024, at 6:00pm PT. These online, guided meditations offer the opportunity to pause, realign, and revitalize, allowing you to confront the week ahead with newfound vigor and clarity. Let me help you navigate your week with serenity and grace. Reserve your spot and join our welcoming community as we explore the transformative benefits of meditation together.

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 Classes, Workshops & Webinars —
Please note: I have temporarily paused all teaching activities. Scroll down and add your name to my mailing list so I can notify you when I resume teaching. Click here to subscribe to the Class Hub for unlimited virtual access to my yoga classes. Thank you for your understanding. 

Yoga with Shanna Hughes

Gentle Mat and Chair Yoga Classes / Yoga Therapy

Drawing from my roots in the rich tapestry of India, I bring a unique fusion of Eastern wisdom and Western understanding to my teachings. Whether you seek to deepen your practice on the mat, explore gentle movements in chair yoga, address specific physical or emotional challenges, or simply find moments of peace and tranquility, my weekly mat and chair yoga classes and private therapy sessions are designed to guide you toward balance, harmony, and lasting peace. 

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 Journeys —

Spiritual South India with Shanna & John

December 8-19, 2024

Shanna Hughes and dear friend and meditation teacher, John Vosler, invite you on life-changing journey to South India. Join us as we travel to the soul-stirring landscapes of South India, where the heart of Tamil Nadu and the serene French Quarter in Pondicherry await. This meditation and yoga retreat celebrates community, nature, and spirituality, weaving a tapestry of profound experiences.

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Life Transforming Bali with Shanna and John

June 4-15, 2025 or
June 20-July 1, 2025

Join Shanna Hughes and John Vosler on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery in Bali, often hailed as "The Island of the Gods." Bali's unparalleled beauty, deep spirituality, and rich culture make it the perfect setting for this life-changing retreat. This program includes daily invigorating yoga and is crafted to empower and revitalize you on every level.

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Kashmir Retreat with Shanna Hughes

September 11-21, 2025 (tentative dates)

Shanna, John and Denise Hughes, George Barselaar, and Claudia Dose invite you to immerse yourself in the mystery of yoga, and learn practices that dissolve limits and experience the teachings of non-dual Shaivism in its purest form! Join us in the birthplace of the non-dual Trika tradition of Kashmir Shaivism for a 12-day retreat designed to help you attain a profound knowledge of the practice of Kashmir Shaivism as taught by Swami Lakshmanjoo. 

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