A Spiritual Tour of Tamil Nadu, India

Travel to South India with Shanna Hughes & John Vosler


September 11-21, 2024
(12 days / 11 nights)

$4899 Shared Room pp
$6199 Private Room pp

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About this Journey

LA-based meditation teacher John Vosler and I are thrilled to invite you on an extraordinary journey that promises to be truly life-changing!

Join us as we travel to the soul-stirring landscapes of South India, where the heart of Tamil Nadu and the serene French Quarter in Pondicherry await.

This life-transforming yoga and meditation retreat celebrates community, nature, and spirituality, weaving a tapestry of profound experiences.

Our journey transcends the ordinary, inviting you to break through the tourist barrier and immerse in the authentic essence of Tamil Nadu. With a carefully curated itinerary rooted in local connections, this retreat promises an immersive cultural encounter, fostering a deep sense of community and connection with the spirit of the region.

In the vibrant tapestry of Tamil Nadu, you'll explore lively cities, ancient temples, and island-studded bays. From the bustling energy of urban centers to the serene seaside promenade along the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry's French Quarter, every moment offers not just sightseeing but a conscious immersion into the rich heritage of South India.

Prepare to go beyond the surface, embracing the vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and ancient traditions that define this mesmerizing region. Your adventure is an opportunity for profound self-discovery and a celebration of the transformative power of yoga, Yoga Nidra, movement, and mindfulness against the backdrop of South India's breathtaking landscapes.

Act now! This trip is expected to fill up quickly.

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"It was peaceful. We visited places that were serene, holistic, organic, engaging, visual, and for the most part, quiet in a way that allowed each of us to ‘reach inside’ ourselves; it was well organized. Shanna Hughes is the quintessential tour guide/leader. She uses good common sense and judgment, has done her research, knows how to put together a full and interesting itinerary, she’s a good facilitator."

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